Instant Barfi of fresh coconut


  • 1 medium sized fresh coconut

  • ½ cup sugar powder

  • ¼ cup milk

  • ½ teaspoon ghee

  • For garnishing almonds and pistachios

Method (How to make instant coconut burfi with fresh coconut)

Take the coconut out from the cell, remove the black skin with the help of Peeler, and cut small pieces of coconut. Put the pieces in a mixer and grind it.


Put half a teaspoon of ghee in the pan heat and add coconut roast it for two minutes, then add milk and sugar.


Cook the mixture on a low flame stir continuously until thickened.



Grease the plate with ghee transfer the mixture to the plate and spread it, put the chopped pistachios or almonds over it and lightly press.


Let it cool completely, cut into pieces and serve and eat it