Singhada Roti - Singhada Aloo Roti

Ingredients (for 10 roti)

200 gm singhada aata

4-5 boiled potatoes

1 tsp ginger grated

1-2 green chilies finely chopped

1 tbsp green coriander chopped

1 tsp rock salt

Ghee or oil

Method (How to make singhada aata roti for navratri)

Peel potatoes and grate or mash it, mix ginger, green chili, green coriander and salt in potatoes.

Add sighada aata and knead dough do not add water, if aata is soggy add more dry atta if aata is dry add more mashed potato.

Add little bit of ghee to smooth the dough.

Make 10 equal of the dough, take one part and roll over dry singhada atta and roll into thick roti.

Heat the tawa and put the roti on the hot pan, flip and apply ghee on both sides till the golden spots appear , make all roti with the same manner .

Serve singhada roti with yogurt chutney or fasting vegetable.